My Stories

Here is a list of the stories I have had published so far. If possible, there will be a link to the story itself. Otherwise, there will be a link to where the book or magazine the story appears in may be purchased.

  • A WILLINGNESS TO ACT – Dyne learns what it means to be a hero. Published by Cricket. (Also available in a YouTube video here or in a small audiobook collection here)
  • A SHINY NEW FACE – Melody longs to become one of the flawless Plastic People. Published by The Red Asylum.
  • TRUE LOVE’S KISS – A messed up take on a classic story. Published by Every Day Fiction.
  • RESIST – An article about the hero Zander Starhawk isn’t what it seems. Published by Every Day Fiction.
  • THE BRIDGE TROLL – An ugly man encounters a great hero. Published by Every Day Fiction.
  • WORLD’S BEST ZOMBIE SLAYER – When the zombie apocalypse came, he was ready. Published by Short
  • A PROMISE MADE – Injured and exhausted, the Blademistress attempts to rescue a small child she has promised to protect. Published by Swords and Sorcery Magazine.
  • THE CHILDREN OF THE WATERWORKS – When the Blademistress and her companion respond to a request for aid from the village of Ensmuth, they encounter something beyond anything they could have imagined. Published by The Lorelei Signal.
  • THE BLADEMISTRESS – Stan Wilkins has long dreamed of living in one of the fantasy worlds he often reads about and rescuing damsels in distress. When he finally gets his chance, it is not at all as he expected, and the only “damsel” he can find might just be his only chance to survive. Published by The Lorelei Signal.
  • LIFE OF EIGHT – A story about the strange existence of Eight. Published by Every Day Fiction.
  • QUICK TOM – A western about a father and son. Published by The Western Online.
  • SCAARAK STORM – A young man is forced to take on the worst form of punishment on the planet of Purgatory, all because of his father’s cowardice. To survive, he must embrace the darkness within. Published by Kzine.
  • SAID THE SPIDER TO THE FLY – A 21st Birthday night out goes horribly wrong. Published by Bloody Good Horror.
  • NOBLE DUTY – Raster struggles with his duty to stamp out all magic use. Published by Every Day Fiction.
  • THE GREATER GOOD – Vic does what must be done. Always. Published by Silver Blade.
  • THE SWORD OF MANY NAMES – A story about a hardened warrior’s retrieval of the legendary Sword of Many Names. In the end he must ask himself, was it worth the price? Published by Every Day Fiction.
  • SARA AND THE MOON – A troubled girl’s encounter with the moon. Published by Every Day Fiction.